Photo Credit: Sam Tarling

Children dressed as who they might like to be when they grow up take part in an Oxfam campaign


Partnerships lie at the core of how Oxfam understands the world and our role in working for change. Achieving our influencing strategy depends hugely on the partner portfolio and mapping out the right partners and allies that can influence change at scale.

Oxfam has identified the following broad categories of actors that can support in the realisation of our four country goals: State actors, Non-state Actors, Networks, United Nations (UN) bodies, Private sector, Social movements, research institutions, Donor and Bilateral agencies, Religious institutions, unusual actors such media celebrities, musicians, artists, political parties, activists, elected individuals,youth leaders and other social movements.

Read more about our partnership principles through which we hope we can clarify, and be held to account for the kinds of relationships we want to foster with different types of partners. All of Oxfam’s work in long-term development, humanitarian response and disaster prevention, and campaigns and advocacy is guided by these principles. We welcome all opportunities to discuss with you our performance, and how we can improve.