Catherine Abulon, 34, Ngarakois, Lokichogio, Turkana. Photo credit: Joy Obuya
Oxfam through financial support from European Commission Humanitarian Aid (ECHO) is reaching 1000 households (6000 people) through unconditional cash transfer of KES 1600 cash giving families the flexibility to address their immediate needs and conditional cash of KES 900 which they specifically...
Lucy Ikai, 22, Nabahaker village, Lokichogio Turkana, Kenya. Photo Credit:Joy Obuya
“I have used part of that money to buy food and clothes for my kids as well. Through the E- wallet program Water is no longer a luxury. My kids, no longer have to sleep hungry and my elderly parents do not have to walk for long distances”. Lucy Ikai, a beneficiary of the ECHO funded...
Photo Credit/Oxfam
The emergency envelope mechanism allows timely emergency response to the government led efforts to emerging local crises with in 48 to 72 hours, preventing people from losing their livelihoods and potentially their lives.