Frequently asked questions

Ipoo Ngachara (55) sings and dances in the village of Nawoyatir in the Lapur district of Lokitaung in Turkana north, Kenya. Photo Credit Kieran Doherty/Oxfam

Find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions below. 

1. Where can I find detailed information on Oxfam Kenya’s projects?

Oxfam in Kenya aims to bring about increased active citizen engagement in governance, improved service delivery and increased accountability. Oxfam in Keny works closely with county and national governments, civil society, communities, international development actors and the private sector. For detailed information about our partners’ projects and programmes, please visit What We Do and Who We Are.

2. How can I work for Oxfam in Kenya?

Oxfam in Kenya works with people in different ways.

  • Employment

All current jobs with Oxfam in Kenya are advertised on the Oxfam in Kenya jobs portal. For the international roles, check out the global jobs portal. You can set alerts to receive job updates.

  • Partnerships

Oxfam works in a variety of partnerships in many countries and at a global level. The key relationships we seek are those that most effectively address the root causes of poverty, vulnerability and injustice, and that help strengthen people as empowered agents of their own development. To understand the principles that guide our work in long-term development, humanitarian responses, and campaigns and advocacy, please read our Partnership Principles document. Please bear in mind that partnership does not entail financial support or any type of funding on the part of Oxfam. Oxfam deals with different types of partners for instance, funded partnership where Oxfam provides a grant to a partner for a specific project or activity, campaign partners, donors, coalitions/consortiums, private sector partners and suppliers. For specific enquiries please email

  • Consultancy

Oxfam in Kenya engages with several consultants in research, evaluations, media, campaigns and communications, among others. All consultancy opportunities are advertised on Oxfam in Kenya jobs portal 

3. How can I seek funding from Oxfam in Kenya?

All the Oxfam affiliates share a policy not to provide loans or grants to individuals, preferring to use our limited resources to support groups of people to set up development, humanitarian assistance and advocacy projects that will benefit a whole community, region or nation. Priority is given to organisations working to address the root causes of poverty. 

4. How can I raise a complaint?

Oxfam is an accountable and transparent rights-based organisation. Oxfam believes that any stakeholder has the right to raise a complaint, have that complaint addressed, and receive a response for mistakes, wrongful actions or breaches of the codes to which Oxfam subscribe. All formal complaints should be made in writing either directly from the individual or organisation making the complaint or via someone acting on their behalf. All complaints will be handled on a confidential basis if requested by the complainant.  In some cases it may be necessary to disclose information to third parties.  This will be decided on a case-by-case basis and only with the agreement of the complainant. We welcome any comment or complaints via