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Current Vacancies

1. Consultancy Opportunity - Research on Participation of Women and Men in the Extractives Governance FrameworkParticipation of Women and Men in the Extractives Governance Framework


Oxfam Kenya has a keen interest in promoting an equitable and sustainable development of mineral resources and intends to roll out projects that will realize that. The projects are principally aimed at ensuring that community rights are protected and the community members participate in the extractives sector. The subsequent objective is that  the country and the general citizenry get the full benefit of its extractives endowment. The way of achieving these objectives is through: influencing institutionalization of just laws and compliance to the same, advocating for transparency and accountability and promoting community participation in the governance of the sector among other interventions.

The extractive industry has the potential to bring many positive development impacts to communities and the nation at large. However, the sector equally has the potential to create and or exacerbate vulnerabilities within these communities in relation to land rights, environmental impacts, and conflicts around benefit sharing. The benefits and risks associated with the extractives industry are often evaluated with little examination of the differentiated impacts on men and women. There already exists a body of research that demonstrates that a gender bias exists in the distribution of risks and benefits in EI projects. Benefits often accrue to men in the form of employment and compensation, while the costs, such as family and social disruption, and environmental degradation, fall most heavily on women

Analyzing and adapting projects to local gender issues can help to mitigate the risks created by EI, and amplify the potential benefits to both men and women. This is particularly imperative in the case of Kenya’s extractive industry as both the mining and petroleum industries are still nascent. It is therefore, important to put in place the right legal and policy framework and inform practice before the country establishes itself as one of the leading nations in the extractive sector.


The purpose of the proposed research is to analyze the participation of women and men in governance of the extractives value chain. The research is expected to ascertain the opportunities and inhibitors to full participation of women in the extractive sector management. There is a need to analyse the extent to which women and men are differentially poised to take up governance opportunities presented by the extractive industry both at national and local community levels.


Scope of Work

The consultant(s) will be expected to accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Analyse  the overall policy and legal framework - highlighting gender gaps and opportunities to protect and promote women’s rights in the governance framework by;
  • Identifying relevant policies, legislation and programmes that support gender equality in the governance of the extractives sector in Kenya;  
  • Proposing ideas and strategies for enhancing a favorable policy and regulatory environment to support gender equality in extractives governance sector.
  1. Assess women and men’s participation in governance of extractives revenue at the local community level. Provide details on inclusion/exclusion aspects of women and men in discourse of governance as well as in county planning and budgeting, institutional arrangements, identifying any systemic barriers to the equitable participation of women and men.
  2. Assess risks to women for participating in EI governance and county planning and budgeting processes. Determine the gendered implications (socio-economic, cultural impacts), as well as the impacts on gender roles and relations of mining, oil and gas development.
  3. Conduct a power analysis of the relevant sector players focusing on community, government and private sector levels capturing decision making patterns and how these affect participation of both men and women in the management of the extractive sector.
  4. Provide a clear set of recommendations on measures that can be applied for more gender-transformative and sustainable results in the governance of the extractives sector.


Bid requirements

Consultants who meet the requirements of this assignment should submit Expression of Interest of MAXIMUM OF 5 PAGES which should include the following:

  1. Suitability statement that expresses commitment to availability for the entire period of the assignment.
  2. Brief statement on the proposed methodology including a detailed work plan.
  3. Updated curriculum vitae of the consultant clearly spelling out the relevant qualifications and experiences.
  4. Contacts of three organizations that have recently contracted the consultant to carry out similar tasks.
  5. Financial proposal with daily costs per activity which shall be part of the 5 pages.

Application process

Expression of Interest that clearly articulates the consultant(s) understanding of the terms of reference, methodology for executing the work including key deliverables and tentative budget should and clearly indicated “Expression of Interest for Consultancy to undertake a study on Participation of Women and Men in the Extractives Governance Framework can be submitted on or before 1700 hours local time on Thursday 20thSept, 2017.


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