Get involved

Lake Turkana fishermen arriving at the lake shore after  day's fishing. Photo Credit: Brian Inganga

Kenya has the largest economy in East Africa and has enormous potential in its educated population, vibrant private sector and natural resources.  Despite this potential it has disproportionate levels of poverty, women’s marginalisation, broader inequality, government mismanagement and violence.  Kenyan civil society and citizenry and have tremendous potential but are too easily typified by apathy, poor organisation and dependence. 

Oxfam in Kenya invites you to join our global movement for change and champion the fight the injustices of poverty as an active citizen. There are different ways you can get involved, if you support our vision, join our movement by sharing our messages, engage with us on our Facebook Page or Twitter. You can also join our team by applying for one of the open employment positions for the chance to champion the fight against poverty.

Please go to the International Campaign if you would like to know more about our campaigns at an international level.