Residents walk under trees in Turkana, a remote region in western Kenya undergoing major oil exploration and extraction (Kieran Doherty / Oxfam Great Britain).
Nairobi, Kenya 25th September - Oxfam in Kenya has launched the Kenya Case Study on Petroleum Cost Auditing. The case study is part of an Oxfam report - 'Examining The Crude Details: Government Audits of Oil and Gas Project Costs to Maximize Revenues'. The report comes at a time when Kenya is...
Absent a pipeline, oil in Kenya is moved by trucks in a costly transport scheme.
The petroleum sector offers governments huge potential revenues that could be invested in poverty alleviation and inequality reduction, but those revenues must first be collected. Taxes are levied on profits, but companies may seek to reduce their taxes by deducting ineligible or exaggerated costs...
Team illustrating accountability in project implementaton during a workshop- Photo credit: Joyce Kabue/Oxfam
Oxfam in Kenya aims to embed both the culture and practice of accountability to communities throughout its programme work through mutual accountable relationships with partners to women and men living in poverty
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