Our campaigns

Women participating in a live radio show in Lodwar market with Emmanuel Ekuwon, Jambo Turkana on oil exploration and community rights. Photo Credit: LightBox Limited
Influencing and campaigning to impact lives

Oxfam in Kenya campaigns to change and impact the lives of the disenfranchised and poor people by investing in building wider coalitions, brokering partnerships, building national institutions and citizens capacities to hold governments to account through a collective citizen’s voice and actions.

Taxes for essential services 

In the quest for poverty alleviation and reducing the economic inequality in Kenya, one of the ultimate issues to address is the provision and accessibility of quality essential public services. To ensure all Kenyans receive quality essential public services, Oxfam  Kenya is focusing on ensuring that the government can mobilise and manage domestic resources to this end. The focus will be on ensuring the Government is mobilising sufficient domestic resources by broadening its tax base and having everyone pay their fair share of tax. By also creating citizen awareness on how to engage with their taxes, with the National and County budgets and thereafter use this knowledge to hold duty bearers to account. This will ultimately ensure that the citizens know their taxes, how they are taxed, what they are taxed on and what or how their taxes are being spent. The interventions will also look at building evidence for legislative and policy reforms. It is envisioned that ultimately citizens will take a lead in influencing the Government to provide quality public services and thereby increasing the quality of life for the poor and marginalized.

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Do you know what your taxes are doing for you? 

Oxfam in Kenya is working jointly with local CSos to empower and build awareness of citizens, particularly women and youth, to effectively influence progressive policy changes related to government revenue raising, budgeting and spending for more progressive, transparent and accountable tax and expenditure regime that contributes to reduced inequality and improved quality of life for poor, vulnerable and marginalized women and youth in Kenya.