Photo Credit/Blandina Bobson
Black gold is such a depressing name for something considered so lucrative. A name coined for oil because of its black colour when it comes out of the ground and ‘gold’ because of the perception that it makes everyone in the oil industry rich. So much is the craze of this oil in Turkana that there...
A woman uses her water credit, which is stored in a small, plastic token, to buy water from a Water ATM in Hadado, Kenya. Photo Credit: Katie Nelson
The women in the rural and urban areas feel that they can access water at any point of time in the day as they have the ATM and do not have to wait for the person to give access to the water kiosk. The water kiosks are less than half a kilometre away from the households and therefore saves the time...
Catherine Abulon, 34, Ngarakois, Lokichogio, Turkana. Photo credit: Joy Obuya
Oxfam through financial support from EU humanitarian funding is reaching 1000 households (6000 people) through unconditional cash transfer of KES 1600 cash giving families the flexibility to address their immediate needs and conditional cash of KES 900 which they specifically use to access clean...
Kulla Dida, 47, Gamura, Marsabit County, Photo Credit: Joyce Kabue:Oxfam.JPG
Kulla Dida is a beneficiary of the Resilience consortium funded by EU humanitarian aid. The consortium supports arid and semi land lands communities in strengthening their resilience to external shocks and stresses such as the frequent droughts.
Youth Group from Mukuru, Nairobi, Kenya. Photo Credit: Eleanor Farmer/Oxfam
Baseline Information on underlying issues affecting the women domestic workers and women small scale traders especially the gender related imbalances, the relationships of women and men in the society, and the inequalities and multiple power dimensions in those relationships.
Turkana woman participating in a live community radio show with Jambo Turkana on oil and community rights in Lodwar. Photo Credit: Lightbox Limited
Women participate fully in decision-making processes, gain more power in politics and access resources.
Jane Grace, 48, mother of three, who also looks after an orphaned nephew, stands in the doorway of her home in the Lunga Lunga area of the Mukuru informal settlement. Photo Credit: Sam Tarling
In Kenya, a combination of factors led to the food crisis of 2008–9, which put around 9.5 million people at risk of starvation. About 4.1 million of those affected were living in informal settlements (slums) in the capital, Nairobi...
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