Adan Mohammed, Ajawa CDMC Chairman and Businessman. Photo Credit: Joyce Kabue/Oxfam
EU humanitarian aid funded Consortium is promoting community resilience to disasters through diversified livelihoods in Wajir County. The local partner organizations are working with the communities helping them improve their capacities to prepare, cope and recover from emergencies through...
Caroline Kemunto's grandchild. Photo Credit: Oxfam
Social Protection is a human right based approach to poverty reduction that uses provision in law, policy and programmes to protect people from the effects of chronic poverty as well as
a range of risks and shocks” (Oxfam Social Protection Policy Guidelines 2010). Social protection needs a...
Youth Group from Mukuru, Nairobi, Kenya. Photo Credit: Eleanor Farmer/Oxfam
Baseline Information on underlying issues affecting the women domestic workers and women small scale traders especially the gender related imbalances, the relationships of women and men in the society, and the inequalities and multiple power dimensions in those relationships.
A woman trader contributing during a live radio show on oil and community rights in Lodwar, Turkana. Photo Credit: LightBox Limited
Oxfam in Kenya is using ICT to raise public awareness, build capacity and link communities to opportunities and networks for improved livelihoods following a study conducted to explore the ICT tools available to marginalised communities living in the arid and semi arid lands of Kenya.
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