Dandora dumpsite. Photo Credit: Jeremy Mutiso
The hot burning sun in January, does not seem as hot as usual and especially in Dandora, but the chill on the slopes of Davos are undisputed, climate change? Perhaps, but a story for another day. What is evident is the stark contrast of the two cities and two mountains that seemingly have nothing...
The chaos, noise, and density of the slum is neatly juxtaposed with the orderly calm green of the Royal Nairobi Golf Club, which opened in 1906. Unequal Scenes - by Johnny Miller
The gap between the richest and poorest has reached extreme levels in Kenya. With 7,500 new millionaires set to be created over the next decade, it appears that a minority of wealthy individuals and investors are creaming off the yields of economic growth. While the number of millionaires is...
Youth Group from Mukuru, Nairobi, Kenya. Photo Credit: Eleanor Farmer/Oxfam
Baseline Information on underlying issues affecting the women domestic workers and women small scale traders especially the gender related imbalances, the relationships of women and men in the society, and the inequalities and multiple power dimensions in those relationships.
Pauline Mokaya, 13, dressed as Super Woman, takes part in an Oxfam campaign to promote Sanergy Fresh Life toilets at the Reuben Baptist School, in the Mukuru informal settlement, in Nairobi, Kenya. Photo Credit Sam Tarling/Oxfam
A transformed Kenyan Society that challenges poverty and inequality so that people can claim their rights. Oxfam in Kenya envisions a just world in which people can influence decisions that affect their lives, enjoy their rights and assume their responsibilities as full citizens of a world in which...
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