humanitarian emergency

Jalinga Nyakaa sitted inside at her hut.
Reverence for the elders is the one thing that you expect to find in any corner of the African continent; and such is the case of elders in the Turkana community that form a vital structure for decision making on any issues affecting the community. However, there is a gender imbalance as women are...
Fatuma Juma, her husband and last born daughter outside their makeshift house. Photo credit/Jeremy Mutiso
“These toilets have helped us maintain basic hygiene and prevent diseases because before that we were helping ourselves in the nearby bush which is dehumanizing,” Fatuma Juma. ALDEF, WASDA and Oxfam, under the ADAPT Consortium, with financial support from Sweden International Development Agency (...
Women  gardening in their small farms in Turkana. Photo Credit: Alejandro Chaskielberg
Actors prepared to prevent and respond early to humanitarian crises while upholding gender equality.
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