Oxfam aims to ensure women, men and youth in poor and marginalized communities secure their rights to access, control, own and benefit equitably from the exploitation of land, extractive resources and other natural resources in the areas they live.
By Gilbert Makore. Supreme Audit Institutions as Custodians of Finite Extractive Resources. Mining, oil and gas resources have the potential to significantly contribute to countries’ socio-economic development. Socio-economic benefits stream in through taxes, a share of the revenues and economic...
Residents walk under trees in Turkana, a remote region in western Kenya undergoing major oil exploration and extraction (Kieran Doherty / Oxfam Great Britain).
Nairobi, Kenya 25th September - Oxfam in Kenya has launched the Kenya Case Study on Petroleum Cost Auditing. The case study is part of an Oxfam report - 'Examining The Crude Details: Government Audits of Oil and Gas Project Costs to Maximize Revenues'. The report comes at a time when Kenya is...
On going community baraza in Turkana County. Photo Credit: Jeremy Mutiso
The Early Oil Pilot Scheme (EOPS) remains an important yardstick for how the government and the project proponent manage Kenya’s precious oil resources when commercial production starts. All effort must be put towards building citizen confidence and trust in the governance of the resource.
Oil rig in Turkana. Photo Credit: Kenya Civil Society Platform on Oil and Gas Report
Poor and marginalised communities get a fair share of natural resources and access their rights and benefits.
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