Cash Transfer

Jalinga Nyakaa sitted inside at her hut.
Reverence for the elders is the one thing that you expect to find in any corner of the African continent; and such is the case of elders in the Turkana community that form a vital structure for decision making on any issues affecting the community. However, there is a gender imbalance as women are...
As we mark the World Humanitarian Day 2017, we call on governments and world leaders to prioritize and invest in the protection of women, girls, boys, men and aid workers caught in disasters.
Catherine Abulon, 34, Ngarakois, Lokichogio, Turkana. Photo credit: Joy Obuya
Oxfam through financial support from EU humanitarian funding is reaching 1000 households (6000 people) through unconditional cash transfer of KES 1600 cash giving families the flexibility to address their immediate needs and conditional cash of KES 900 which they specifically use to access clean...
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