Innovation for increased water access in Wajir

Women using the water ATM to fetch water in Wajir County. Photo Credit/Kevin Wabung'o/Oxfam

Water ATMs In Griftu A Welcome Blessing To Residents

Residents of Griftu Sub County in Wajir have lots to smile about. This follows the introduction of water ATMS to improve water accessibility to over 4000 people.

Oxfam, through partnership with the Wajir Water and Sewerage Company – WAJWASCO have installed water ATMS in 12 water kiosk. The system consists of four components that include a dispensing unit, a card recharge unit, water ATM card and an operating system. They system allows residents to load water units on their water ATM cards which they use to access water.  This new development eliminates the cash handling and offers round the clock availability which was previously a challenge.

The operating system remotely monitors water supplied through the kiosks and funds that have been loaded on the cards. This offers a tamper proof mechanism devoid of mismanagement and corruption. WAJWASCO has realised a rise in earnings of over 300% from Griftu alone. This success has seen commitment from the Wajir County Government to roll out this model to other rural water supply areas.