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Joseph Odongo, Media and Communications Advisor [ ] Tel: 0725 632 410
Andrew Gogo, Fiscal Justice Strategist [ ] Tel: 0722 874 646

Notes to editors:

• Download The Cost of Extreme Wealth, letter and list of signatories
• Data on the richest individuals is from Wealth-X and figures on billionaires come from Forbes’s Billionaires List.
• Download the ‘’Survival of the Richest’’ Report here
• Data on the wealth of the poorest 22 million Kenyans (bottom 40) is from World Inequality Database.
• According to teachers’ service commission, teachers gap in public primary and secondary school is about 100,000
• According to WHO, nurses’ gap in Kenya is about 38,548
• Salary data from Glassdoor shows average teachers’ salary is about Ksh50,000 while that of a nurse is about 63,000. The annual financing gap needed to hire 100, 000 teachers is Ksh60 billion and Ksh29.1 billion to hire 38,548 nurses. The combined total is Ksh89.1 billion. The annual wealth tax on Kenya multi-dollar millionaires would yield $731 million (or Ksh90 billion) annually, enough to close the financing gap.
• Review of public polling in G20 countries on inequality and taxation