Graphic credit: Joyce Kabue

A Call to Action against Gender based violence

Every woman regardless of apparel, creed, occupation, location has a right to be respected and handled with dignity.

Oxfam recognises recent efforts made by the government to deal with gender based violence by the introduction of National Policy on Prevention and Response to Gender Based Violence that seeks to fight the gender inequalities. Whilst appreciating the efforts, Oxfam is of the belief that enforcement of such policies and plans are crucial in preventing and bringing to justice incidences of gender based violence.

Oxfam adds its voice to the campaign on violence against women, calling on different stakeholders of Kenya.

We call upon...

The government

  • To sustain its efforts in taking action against perpetrators of gender based violence. 

  • Establish a women’s violations unit in the police service and an emergency helpline where citizens can confidently report acts of gender based violence and seek support. 

  • Hold to account security agencies/or persons who fail to deliver on their roles 

  • To increase and post security personnel particularly at hot spots require all public services providers to take responsibility for 
managing their staff behaviour towards women. 

  • To mainstream concepts, knowledge and awareness of better treatment and handling of women in the education curriculum 
from elementary to higher level. 

  • Sensitize citizens on their expected roles and responsibilities of 
ensuring their own safety and security as well as their neighbours and the existing state mechanisms for protecting them 
Our Leaders 
• To be united in saying an absolute no to violence against women • To resist from justifying the acts of violence in any way 

The Police Service 

  • To maintain law and order and sensitively deal with survivors of violence and lodge all cases of violence reported by survivors. 

  • To give due priority to cases of gender based violence and deal with alleged perpetrators appropriately. 

The Judiciary 

  • To ensure that justice is served, and served fast

Faith based Organizations 

To institute programmes of action to shift gender insensitive ideologies and practices among their followers 


  • To be champions for the cause of women’s security. 

  • To say no to violence against their mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives in their homes, villages, communities and society at large, by 
speaking out against it, and stepping in to help 

  • To say no to violence against them by reporting such cases 

  • To break the silence and speak out against violence 

  • To seek out for help in cases of violations 

  • To protect themselves by changing their mindset, attitude and 


  • To continue to publicly condemn such acts of violation against women 

  • To report cases of violation as survivors or as witnesses and demand justice 

  • To continue to campaign for the government to enforce law and order and punish the guilty 

  • To respect each and every woman as they would expect the women in their lives to be respected 

  • Not to participate in actions or calls that contribute in violating woman’s rights and dignity as enshrined in the Kenyan constitution 

  • To identify constructive avenues and communicate/engage with women other than reverting to violation. 

  • To raise generations with a sense of love, respect and honour for women (starting with their mothers, sisters etc) and the
role that they play/or contribute in making a better world for all.

The Fourth Estate (Media) 

  • To cover news stories on Gender based violence in a manner that will not perpetuate violations but bring about the need to honour, respect and value women’s rights 

  • To promote programs meant to raise awareness of women rights and consequences of violating them 

Gender based violence affects us all! End gender based violence. Make Kenya safe