Racho Dulacha, 37 year old – Mudhe. Photo Credit/Melva Consulting
I started tending to my father’s herd of cattle when I was only 10 years old. I would be sent out to look for pasture in the fields and then come back in the evening when the animals had enough to eat and drink. Back then, we would move from one area to another with our livestock in search of...
Photo Credit: Melva Consulting
The year 2015 was particularly dry and we were forced to move our Satellite herds to Huri Hills where there was pasture, leaving behind only a few animals for our families to get milk. One morning as I was walking to the pen to release the animals for grazing, I noticed that two cattle looked dull...
Women using the water ATM to fetch water in Wajir County. Photo Credit/Kevin Wabung'o/Oxfam
Oxfam piloted the use of electronic water meters commonly known us water ATMs in Wajir County in 2014-2015. The county government of Wajir through WAJWASCO is collaborating with World Vision to scale up the technology to other water utilities within the county.
Lucy Wairimu and Margaret Kinyua during a literacy training held in Korogocho. Photo Credit Ngele Mwarimbo-Ali
Equipping 30,000 women in Nairobi urban informal settlements with digital literacy skills while sensitising them on ways they can use technology to enhance their lives, exercise their rights and participate in governance processes.
Habiba Hudhow  nyirinyiri (camel) meat trader in Wajir in a meeting with other women of her group. Photo Credit: Benson Guantai
Habiba Hudhow, 49, makes a living of selling nyirinyiri , a meat-based specialty, at the market, in Wajir, Northen Kenya