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E.g., 04/23/2019
E.g., 04/23/2019
Photo Credit/Oxfam
The emergency envelope mechanism allows timely emergency response to the government led efforts to emerging local crises with in 48 to 72 hours, preventing people from losing their livelihoods and potentially their lives.
Oxfam HECA gentlemen showing their support for women to take up political leadership. Photo Credit: Kevin Wabung'o
What can you do to support women to actualize their political rights? Encourage those that you know have leadership capacities to offer themselves for elective positions, be an advocate for women in political leadership and purpose that at least half of your candidates of choice in the 2017...
Women dancing in Turkana. Photo Credit: Kieran Doherty/Oxfam
Campaign with us for equality in representation. You can do this by attending our events, sharing our messages and your thoughts on our social media platforms. Join the conversation via #VoteADada
Community meeting on oil and gas in Lokichar, Turkana. Photo Credit: LightBox Limited
The discovery of oil and gas reserves in Turkana County, northern Kenya have led to joint efforts by different stakeholders to ensure the discovery is of benefit to Kenya’s economy as well as spur inclusive development. Oxfam is working with partners to ensure sustainable, inclusive...
Yusuf Adan and Blandina Bobson, Oxfam team in Wajir county. Photo Credit Joyce Kabue
This baseline research captures radio audiences opinions, knowledge and beliefs of citizens’ rights as tax payers, and government roles and responsibilities for tax justice, budgeting and public service delivery, while promoting discussions and raising community awareness around tax justice...
The Use of Tax Havens in the Ownership of Kenyan Petroleum Rights: Share graphic by Inuka Ni Sisi
This reports reveals the widespread use of tax havens and low tax jurisdictions in the corporate structures of companies holding petroleum rights in Kenya.
Oil rig in Turkana. Photo credit: Kenya Civil Society Platform on Oil and Gas Petroleum Revenue Report
This paper seeks to provide a framework for assessing the risk of potential revenue loss and prioritizing possible responses.
Implications of the Proposed 2015 Model Production Sharing Contract Analysis. Graphic credit: Inuka Ni Sisi
The Petroleum (Exploration, Development and Production) Bill, 2015 and associated model production sharing contract (PSC) are currently in the final stages of Parliamentary review.
A domestic care worker cleaning clothes in Nairobi, Kenya. Photo Credit: Benson Guantai
Baseline information on the environment within which women domestic workers operate in Nairobi county, i.e. incomes levels, skills held, relevant policies, participation in decision making, and existing challenges of women domestic work
Small scale trader from Kibera displaying her banners ready for sale. Photo Credit: Benson Guantai
Baseline information on the environment within which the women micro and small scale operate in Nairobi including the skills base, existing policies, knowledge of their rights, level of participation in decision making, key stakeholders to the target groups, accessibility of utilization of business...


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