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E.g., 11/22/2019
E.g., 11/22/2019
Oxfam in Kenya annual report highlights some of the key results achieved in 2018–2019 through our work with different partners in the four main thematic areas. That includes; Women rights, tax justice, natural resources and humanitarian systems strengthening.
Oxfam in Kenya’s work on governance and accountability seeks to address the root causes of poverty and inequalities in Kenya by tackling the linked problems of poor governance, specifically tax inequality and the shrinking civic space.
Oxfam aims to ensure women, men and youth in poor and marginalized communities secure their rights to access, control, own and benefit equitably from the exploitation of land, extractive resources and other natural resources in the areas they live.
Oxfam in Kenya seeks to address gender inequalities through ensuring women’s participation in social, political and economic spheres, with the aim of women gaining power over their lives to participate and contribute to public life.
Absent a pipeline, oil in Kenya is moved by trucks in a costly transport scheme.
The petroleum sector offers governments huge potential revenues that could be invested in poverty alleviation and inequality reduction, but those revenues must first be collected. Taxes are levied on profits, but companies may seek to reduce their taxes by deducting ineligible or exaggerated costs...
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