Innovative ideas

Children dressed as who they might like to be when they grow up take part in an Oxfam campaign to promote Sanergy Fresh Life toilets at the Reuben Baptist School, in the Mukuru informal settlement, in Nairobi, Kenya, on March 28, 2014.Photo Credit:Sam Tarling
Oxfam and Sanergy installed Fresh Life toilets in schools, replacing unsanitary pit latrines. Schools with Fresh Life toilets have seen dramatically increased attendance, particularly of female students. Today as per Sanergy’s data (from their website) they have 1691 active fresh life toilets in...
A woman uses her water credit, which is stored in a small, plastic token, to buy water from a Water ATM in Hadado, Kenya. Photo Credit: Katie Nelson
The women in the rural and urban areas feel that they can access water at any point of time in the day as they have the ATM and do not have to wait for the person to give access to the water kiosk. The water kiosks are less than half a kilometre away from the households and therefore saves the time...
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