Women Rights

The value of domestic and unpaid care work lies in its recognition and appreciation as a valuable contributor to everyday life. However, this work is often discounted through the patriarchal lens of value and work. In fact, it's the very definition as work that is not really regarded as such, is an...
It baffles me to think that despite being an egalitarian, I excused a grave form of injustice to women- heavy and unequal unpaid care and domestic work which is disproportionately a women’s responsibility. I am an advocate, not only by being admitted to practice law in Kenya but because of my inner...
Farhiya Ali
Farhiya Ali, nominated Senator from Wajir County, is the first born of seven children and a mother of three girls. At the time of her nomination, she was the Director of Operations for Oxfam in Kenya, a position she had held for over five years. Farhiya worked with Oxfam for 22 years serving in...
Photo credit: Joyce Kabue
Prior to the elections, Oxfam Kenya in partnership with Youth Agenda and FIDA engaged in several activities under the ‘VoteADada campaign’ in a bid to equip the aspirants and their campaign managers to campaign effectively. We also wanted to influence the electorate to vote more women into...
Oxfam in Kenya in partnership with Youth Agenda and FIDA Kenya through financial support from European Union have for the last two years been working closely with women aspirants, opinion leaders, media and the public with an aim of increasing participation and representation of women in politics...
Doreen Muthoni, 38, a small scale trader with her daughter in Mukuru, an informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya. Photo Credit: Katie Nelson
Oxfam and partners through financial support from the European Union are enabling women to feel empowered to exert their rights and use their collective voice by informing women of their rights and help create women trader’s and domestic workers empowerment groups.
Kulla Dida, 47, Gamura, Marsabit County, Photo Credit: Joyce Kabue:Oxfam.JPG
Kulla Dida is a beneficiary of the Resilience consortium funded by EU humanitarian aid. The consortium supports arid and semi land lands communities in strengthening their resilience to external shocks and stresses such as the frequent droughts.
Emmy Apoo posing for a photograph after the launch of #VoteADada campaign in Turkana County. Photo/Joyce Kabue/Oxfam
Emmy Loyanae Apoo a 37-year-old mother of four and entrepreneur from Turkana aspires to join mainstream politics in the 2017 Kenya general elections. She is an aspiring Member of County Assembly (MCA) seat, Turkana East Kapedo/Napeitom Ward.
Graphic credit: Joyce Kabue
Every woman regardless of apparel, creed, occupation, location has a right to be respected and handled with dignity.
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