Helen Akuom, 50 and Nyartoe Nakwale 67 at he Gypsum mining field in Kapua Turkana County. Photo Credit: Joy Obuya
CMDRR is a process whereby a community systematically manages its disaster risk reduction measures towards becoming a safer and resilient community. Oxfam, through financial support from EU humanitarian aid has been working closely with communities through the Community Disaster Management...
Duda Ousman, Wajir emergency drought response beneficiary. Photo Credit: Joy Obuya
Oxfam in Kenya through financial support from European Union humanitarian aid, Disaster Emergency Committee, UNICEF and Oxfam Hong Kong is giving cash assistance of KES 2,700 (€ 22 ) per month for seven months to 3001 households in Wajir County. 169,385 people are also accessing clean safe water...
Photo Credit: Ojwok Photography
Shifting the Power project envisions supporting local actors to take up their place alongside international actors to create a more balanced humanitarian system that is more responsive and accountable to disaster affected communities.
As we mark the World Humanitarian Day 2017, we call on governments and world leaders to prioritize and invest in the protection of women, girls, boys, men and aid workers caught in disasters.
Drought Striken Marsabit County. Photo Credit; Blandina Bobson
Through EU humanitarian support , Oxfam in Kenya and Concern worldwide have supported 1600 households in Marsabit County with the much-needed cash assistance to buy medicines and food for their livestock
Roda Lokaale, 32, Turkana. Photo Credit: Joy Obuya
"I am an orphan.” “My father was poisoned by his third wife and died.” “My mother walked to the forest in search of water and pasture and never came back. “ “My husband married another woman. He threw us out.” “We used to live in the remote Songot village, life got so difficult we resulted to...
Oxfam supported water kiosk in NAsechabuin , Turkana. Photo Credit: Joyce Kabue
Since 2014 and through the SWIFT program funded by DFID through its WASH Results Program, Oxfam has been able to install 15 new solar-powered boreholes, providing clean safe water for nearly 129,000 people in Turkana.
Catherine Abulon, 34, Ngarakois, Lokichogio, Turkana. Photo credit: Joy Obuya
Oxfam through financial support from EU humanitarian funding is reaching 1000 households (6000 people) through unconditional cash transfer of KES 1600 cash giving families the flexibility to address their immediate needs and conditional cash of KES 900 which they specifically use to access clean...
Lucy Ikai, 22, Nabahaker village, Lokichogio Turkana, Kenya. Photo Credit:Joy Obuya
“I have used part of that money to buy food and clothes for my kids as well. Through the E- wallet program Water is no longer a luxury. My kids, no longer have to sleep hungry and my elderly parents do not have to walk for long distances”. Lucy Ikai, a beneficiary of the EU humanitarian aid...
Wato Gura, beneficiary of the EU funded Resilience Consortium. Photo Credit: Blandina Bobson/Oxfam
"The Consortium intervention came at the right time as she and her family had little to eat, and the little they had was running out fast, the water sources had dried up and the milking herd had to join with the satellite herd in the mountains where there is some pasture left" Wato Gura, 70,...


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