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Kulla Dida, 47, Gamura, Marsabit County, Photo Credit: Joyce Kabue:Oxfam.JPG
Kulla Dida is a beneficiary of the Resilience consortium funded by EU humanitarian aid. The consortium supports arid and semi land lands communities in strengthening their resilience to external shocks and stresses such as the frequent droughts.
View of Nairobi. Photo Credit Kevin Wabungo
The fight against inequality needs to remain alive and present in our daily battles; with CSOs actively mobilizing citizens to hold their governments to account, until we get to that finishing line when they, ordinary citizens will take over the battle to singularly hold their own governments to...
Juliani, Kenyan rapper and musician. Photo Credit: Allan Gichigi
Juliani is a well-known Kenyan rapper and musician, whose songs tackle the inequality, poverty and social injustice he sees in Kenya. Juliani says: “The most important thing that I wanted to communicate is that people have to understand that they have more power than they think. You have...
Halima Hassan Adan in her shop in Ajawa, Wajir County. Photo credit: Joyce Kabue
“Haa” (Yes in Somali), “I am able to provide food for my family, pay school fees and save some of the money with Equity bank. I want to expand my business with the profit I make”. Says Halima
Adan Mohammed, Ajawa CDMC Chairman and Businessman. Photo Credit: Joyce Kabue/Oxfam
EU humanitarian aid funded Consortium is promoting community resilience to disasters through diversified livelihoods in Wajir County. The local partner organizations are working with the communities helping them improve their capacities to prepare, cope and recover from emergencies through...
Hackers and CSO members discussing a budget monitoring system during a hackathon. Photo Credit: Joyce Kabue
Despite Kenya’s notable economic growth, inequality levels have been rising. In a country with a tax gap of 40%[1], there is huge potential to strengthen tax systems, and improve the redistribution of public resources through more and better investment in free public services. Although the...
Emmy Apoo posing for a photograph after the launch of #VoteADada campaign in Turkana County. Photo/Joyce Kabue/Oxfam
Emmy Loyanae Apoo a 37-year-old mother of four and entrepreneur from Turkana aspires to join mainstream politics in the 2017 Kenya general elections. She is an aspiring Member of County Assembly (MCA) seat, Turkana East Kapedo/Napeitom Ward.
Yusra Mohammed,14, dressed as a doctor, takes part in an Oxfam promotion campaign to promote Sanergy Fresh Life toilets in the Mukuru informal settlement, in Nairobi, Kenya, on March 28, 2014. Photo Credit: Sam Tarling
As humanitarian and disaster management actors in Kenya prepared to reduce the humanitarian impact of an impending El Nino - a change in the atmosphere and ocean of the tropical Pacific region that produces heavy rains leading to floods, – in September 2009, it became clear that attention was...
Graphic credit: Joyce Kabue
Every woman regardless of apparel, creed, occupation, location has a right to be respected and handled with dignity.
Oil rig in Turkana. Photo Credit: Kenya Civil Society Platform on Oil and Gas Report
KCSPOG launch of an analysis on “ Potential revenues from Turkana oil” from the Turkana proposed oil development...